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Yamaha Y15 / MX-King 150 ARRC Rcae Machine frm Team TKKR

Yamaha Y15 / MX-King 150 ARRC Race Machine frm Team TKKR

In ARRC the most bike use are Yamaha Y15 / Mx-King / Exciter 150, In this tEch Talk segment, Round 1 race 2 winner, Fazli Ahmad like to share with us the detail of the his Yamaha Y15 ARRC race bike 


The Unit side view of the super lowdown & unit seat of the fast machine 

The custom food rest which was relocated to suit the rider and the race track for the best position and best feel for the rider 

The Logger,GPS and ht e main dash from A Racer 

The most unit & beautiful of the this bike – the camel seat 

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